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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

love story , doctors - erich segal

as usual erich segal is in his impeccable form ,
love story--------->>>>

is one of the sweetest stories i have read till now, the dialogues between oliver barrett and jenny in the book were amazing . segal haas a certain style of writing , when the story is continuing smoothly , all of sudden he changes the complete scenario with a single sentence and sets a new pace for the story. it is one of the rare stories that brought tears to my eyes . it is full of emotions and at the end of the story u cant but feel sorry for the sweet girl and the boy.

although its revealed in the beginning of the story that the girl dies in the end, the story is truly gripping , the very first line of the story" what do u say about a girl who used to love mozart....." is undescribable........thru the story u slip into fancyign for a girl like jenny , her wit and loving nature just makes her a perfect match , i wish i meet sm1 like her..........hehe


after reading love story i cudnt stop without reading another book of eric segal . the way he handles the characters is amazing . its a story about few doctors who happen to study in the harvard med school . the 2 characters laura and barney share a special relationship and the story revolves around their begins with their childhood in a small town and about how they grow up ....

the intro line to harvard med school" there were people , some were brilliant bordering on genius and , some were genius bordering on madness" perhaps the most fitting description possible.

it shows various aspects of life and as a sub story is about the character bennett landsmann who is a negro but is adopted by jewish parents , he says the jews call him a black and the blacks call him a jew. the story of his foster parents and his father is really touching. then there are stories about other doctors one who believes in euthanasia and few others with some grey and white shades...

an absolutely must go for read . looking forward to read ' the class ' now. this man eric segal truly has a 'class'.


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"the man has real class"-couldn't agree more....

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